Re: Draft of Proposal for the GNOME Foundation.

> Then how about a guaranteed position on the board.  Realistically a board
> without Miguel is not going to do anything in the first place.

At the moment. However if Miguel goes off the rails then he needs to be 

Look at it this way

If Miguel continues his current path he will be on the board every year and
nothing will change

If Miguel does something stupid, goes bananas or whatever then we need a 

In the Linux kernel case where Linus has been a very good leader there was
nearly a point where the tree split. A point where Linus simply wasnt working
out to the benefit of the project. Fortunately there was much yelling and
everyone figured out the right solution - how Linus wanted patches, how to
offload things.

It happens - think about gcc 2.8/egcs.

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