Re: Draft of Proposal for the GNOME Foundation.

Nat Friedman <> writes:

> Havoc Pennington <> writes:
> A lot of decisions have been made on IRC, which, while admittedly not
> a sea of 400 developers, does not present significant barriers to
> participation.

I think some decisions have been made by /msg on IRC. :-)

> Yeah, strange, I thought I'd postedited that, actually.  I meant to
> make a stronger statement:
>     The foundation must not allow any software module to become a
>     GNOME module unless it is licensed under the GPL, or a
>     GPL-compatible license.
> The straw man has been hung -- start hitting.

Note that the FSF doesn't even uphold this requirement for packages to
become part of the GNU project - the only requirement is that they be
free software by their definition. I don't think we have any need to
be more restrictive.
> Yes, it's true.  The question is: what do you do when the project is
> so massive that 7 people cannot necessarily represent every aspect of
> it?  You'll effectively need professional board members, it seems to
> me.  Or a deeper hierarchy to ease the communications problems.  Or
> some really unique individuals.  Maybe one of those is possible.

The model proposed at the USENIX meeting had a representative from
each module responsible for communicating with the board.

 - Maciej


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