Re: What is GNOME?

> I don't like that; we aren't an operating system. We're a software
> project. If we aren't working on some software, then we shouldn't
> distribute it.

So what is and isnt Gnome. Gnome isnt a clear defined project its an 
amorphous blob. At best you could assign a '%age gnomeness' to any given
point in the cloud of projects.

So you draw a box around the core stuff and call it Gnome and after a bit 
of a fight miguel says 'the line is here' and everyone stops bitching. The
rest is effectively gnome-contrib and will include non free stuff. You can
decide not to manage contrib in which case it just looks like gnome
is disorganised.

> But anyway, until some non-free software appears that wants to be part
> of GNOME, we can ignore the issue.

GnomeHack is nonfree under strict GPL terms. GnomeScott depends upon free
but not open source 3rd party games that it plays. 


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