Re: What is GNOME?

> That's too vague for me. Which users? If I'm a biologist, maybe this
> includes a molecule visualizer. 

Good.  As soon as we have one, we put it on the project.

Since a few days ago I have been looking at gene sequencing algorithms
which I find have a very good potential for some rad optimizations.

> And what about development libraries and tools (an IDE, say)? No users
> expect these, so which do we include?

I think development tools for GNOME should be part of GNOME.  We sadly
have no good intengrated environments yet, but we will.

> What about games? Is there a way to exclude or include any of those?

As many as we can?

Seriously, have we added to the list of requisites `should be free
software'?  Or have we ignored this poitn?


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