Re: What is GNOME?

Federico Mena Quintero <> writes: 
> We should concentrate on the user experience.  Just saying "gfloppy is
> a toy" or "gprint is a toy" is not taking the user into account.
> People do need to format floppies and to be able to print stuff by
> dragging files to a printer icon.  Thus they should be included.

gfloppy should be in GNOME. My point about it is that writing just
that shouldn't give you voting privileges.

(I guess it's a useless point; our criterion should be something like
"2 months of regular contributions" and you couldn't get that large a
contribution with just gfloppy, but gfloppy could be one of the

> The GNOME desktop should include whatever users expect to have in a
> fully-functional machine.  

That's too vague for me. Which users? If I'm a biologist, maybe this
includes a molecule visualizer. 

Do you want to say "a tool nearly all users will expect to have"? Is
that a good way to phrase it?

And what about development libraries and tools (an IDE, say)? No users
expect these, so which do we include?

> This includes GNOME Office and Evolution,
> Nautilus, and little tools like gfloppy and g-print.  If there are
> several applications that provide the same functionality, we should
> bless one as the prettiest or most functional or better supported.
> This is what we did with Enlightenment and the Sawfish.  We may get
> flamed by the authors of IRC clients, but hey, who cares.

So, the board should bless one project if we have multiple projects in
a category.

>From the list we have so far, that already implies nuking either
gnotepad+ or gedit for example.

What about games? Is there a way to exclude or include any of those?


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