Re: Membership

On Tue, 11 Jul 2000, Alan Cox wrote:
> Something like this ?

Yeah, was this a boilerplate you found somewhere?  Reads pretty well.

One comment:

> o	Only the following information that may be available will be
> 	published, and this will be done because it is neccessary to 
> 	make the Gnome Foundation work. This data will be published as
> 	part of email lists, votes and archives.
> 		Name
> 		Email Address
> 		Public Keys

I'm not sure that saying "we'll only publish this info" is appropriate, as
I'm not sure we know what data we'll be collecting anyways - what about
someone's URL, for example?  I think the document stands fine without this
paragraph; maybe we should be clear about the difference between the data
we collect to keep private, and the data we collect intended to be
republished (like the above).  Maybe we simply state that every time we
collect data, we'll be specific as to whether that data is public (and
thus instantly on our site) or private (and adheres to our privacy


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