Re: Membership

> If you'd like to draft a privacy document for gnome based on
> the above principles (probably just notably about traffic logs and
> authentication, but extending to ISP-like issues if does provide
> that) then we'd be happy to.

Something like this ?

The Gnome Foundation shall be read as The Gnome Foundation, and also its
contractors and officers when working for the Gnome Foundation. The Gnome
Foundation shall write into its contracts with other bodies any neccessary
clauses to ensure the policy is followed.

o	Reasonable efforts will be made to keep personal data secure

o	The Gnome Foundation shall collect only that personal data it 
	needs in order to operate.

o	The Gnome Foundation shall keep personal data up to date, and 
	promptly remove data no longer required

o	Only the following information that may be available will be
	published, and this will be done because it is neccessary to 
	make the Gnome Foundation work. This data will be published as
	part of email lists, votes and archives.

		Email Address
		Public Keys

o	Any additional data collected and passed on to third party bodies,
	including, without limitation, session logs, web logs, and other
	log files that may give personal information shall have any data	
	identifying specific persons and information about them removed.

o	Nothing in the above shall preclude the Gnome Foundation providing
	personal data under legal priviledge when ordered to do so by a 
	legal body so empowered. Where the right to appeal such information
	release exists the persons affected shall be notified if possible. It
	shall be up to the person not The Gnome Foundation to handle such an 
	appeal should they choose to do so. 

o	Those who post their personal data to discussions and other public 
	lists or archives maintained by the Gnome Foundation are held to 
	be giving explicit permission for that information to be reproduced.


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