Re: steering committee vs foundation

Hi Martin,

Yes, that's exactly the idea.  A group of people in Europe are already
working on a Gnome Foundation Europe.

But rather than putting reps from those foundations on the Steering Committee
- I would do the opposite: putting one or more person from the Steering
Committee on the board of the Gnome foundations so we have a liaison.

That also addresses Alan's point (I think): the Steering Committee is the
body that acts as the forum for coordinating releases etc., NOT any of those


Martin Baulig wrote:

> Bart Decrem <> writes:
> > 2- Gnome Foundation (USA):
> > ------------------------
> > The Gnome Foundation we are creating in the US would have a board of
> > directors that is self-appointed (much in the way most non-profit boards
> > are appointed and just like many of the standards bodies).  The board
> > would include a balance of Gnome hackers, including several members of
> > the Gnome Steering Commitee (including the Chair of the Steering
> > Committee), and corporate representatives.  The Foundation would be the
> > main forum where corporations who are interested in Gnome get to talk
> > among themselves and with representatives of the Steering Committee
> > about the technical direction of Gnome.  The Foundation would also focus
> > on promoting Gnome, setting up technical conferences etc.  The
> > Foundation would have paying corporate members.  There could also be
> > Gnome Foundations in Europe, Asia or where ever.
> Sounds good.
> However, IHMO we need to have at least one Gnome Foundation in Europe
> since there are so many Europe specific things (like for instance
> organizing conferences etc.) which can't be done by a US one very well.
> There should be one representative from each of this regional foundations
> (GF Europe, GF Asia, ....) who should be elected from that regional
> foundation on the board of the main Gnome Foundation.
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