Re: steering committee vs foundation

Bart Decrem <> writes:

> 2- Gnome Foundation (USA):
> ------------------------
> The Gnome Foundation we are creating in the US would have a board of
> directors that is self-appointed (much in the way most non-profit boards
> are appointed and just like many of the standards bodies).  The board
> would include a balance of Gnome hackers, including several members of
> the Gnome Steering Commitee (including the Chair of the Steering
> Committee), and corporate representatives.  The Foundation would be the
> main forum where corporations who are interested in Gnome get to talk
> among themselves and with representatives of the Steering Committee
> about the technical direction of Gnome.  The Foundation would also focus
> on promoting Gnome, setting up technical conferences etc.  The
> Foundation would have paying corporate members.  There could also be
> Gnome Foundations in Europe, Asia or where ever.

Sounds good.

However, IHMO we need to have at least one Gnome Foundation in Europe
since there are so many Europe specific things (like for instance
organizing conferences etc.) which can't be done by a US one very well.

There should be one representative from each of this regional foundations
(GF Europe, GF Asia, ....) who should be elected from that regional
foundation on the board of the main Gnome Foundation.

Martin Baulig (private) (work)

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