Re: Technical decisions?

Robert Humphreys <> writes:

> this is the tricky part - convincing these corporations that contributing to
> the Foundation is a good thing to do, but that it doesn't guarantee you a
> seat on the board or influence in the direction of the Gnome desktop, per
> se.
> Bart has a good idea we may want to explore, setting up an industry advisory
> board, comprised of companies (IBM, Dell, HP, Compaq, Oracle, Informix, etc
> etc ) that are interested in seeing Gnome evolve and flourish, etc. It would
> also provide a forum where these companies could collaborate on
> ideas/development/etc without necessarily having to worry about competitive
> agendas, etc.

I hate to AOL here, but I think the advisory board thing is a great
idea. It would allow corporations to feel included without giving them
real control.

 - Maciej

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