GNOME Foundation Board Meeting, 19 December 2000

      Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 19 December 2000


Raph Levien
Jim Gettys
Dan Mueth
Havoc Pennington (chair)
Owen Taylor (minutes)
Bart Decrem
Danial Viellard
Miguel de Icaza
Federico Mena
Maciej Stachowiak



John Heard


 - We will skip two weeks over the holidays and have the next meeting
   on Jan 9. From there on, we'll meet bi-weekly.

Word Done:

  ACTION: Miguel to ask Pablo about the Euskadi translations to double check
          and write the letter

   => Miguel checked up, wrote draft of letter, needs to get it printed
      out, signed and mailed.

Work in progress:

[ Continuations ]

  ACTION: DV to look at W3C Member Agreement about press release stuff
   => Didn't have time. Will do after holidays.

  ACTION: Miguel to call Kenneth to get more practical details about GUADEC 2
  => Sent mail, no reply yet

  ACTION: Maciej to write a new (hopefully final ?) license policy proposal.
  => ???

[ New ]

  ACTION: Bart will continue talking to Palo Alto law firm about
          whether they'll handle incorporation, will send follow-up 
          email to Board list.

  ACTION: Havoc should look for email concerning getting Leslie Proctor
          admin access for gnome-marketing list, and make sure that gets
          taken care of.

  ACTION: Havoc to post summary to board list of what companies have submitted
          advisory board representatives.

  ACTION: Daniel to get Steve Zurcher (steve eazel com) contact information
          for ASP Linux

* Incorporation

  - Nothing further known about Sun's efforts - we need to proceed.

  - Bart started discussing handling the incorporation with a law
    firm in Palo Alto - an attorney there has considerable knowledge
    about GPL, IP issues, etc.

* Guadec

  - Miguel sent mail to Kenneth asking for details, no reply yet.

  - It's very important that this gets moving - the date is
    only a little more than 3 months away. [Jim] International travel
    has to be arranged soon.

  - It would be good if the call for participants went out before 

* 1.4 release sub-coordinators.
  - QA coordinators OK with everybody.

  - Federico had expressed concerns about having the PR coordinators
    associated with companies; his particular concern was with
    having people associated with particular companies listed
    as contact points on the press release.

  - Decision was to make no changes to set of PR coordinators for 1.4.
    Press release contact people can be discussed when approving
    press release. Leslie Proctor should be in charge of getting a
    wider marketing group set up permanently.

* Accessibility conference 

  - Dan had looked into it some. Nobody had much idea what was going
    on with it.

* Desktop conference.

  - Jim discussed a free-desktop conference with people from several
    companies with experience hosting such events, who were interested.

  - Will report back when he has heard more.

* New advisory board members

 - Discussed additional companies interested in joining advisory

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