Re: my new job

Awesome.  I agree with Maciej that it would be terrific if you'd be the HP
rep for the advisory board.   I think Martin Fink's the person we've asked
to designate a rep (Havoc, did I get that right?)


Bruce Perens wrote:

> From: Bart Decrem <bart eazel com>
> > now we'll have even more support within HP!
> That's certainly my desire. GNOME seems to have a lot of support within
> HP today. People there are really excited about Linux and Free Software.
> I am authorized to represent the corporation to the free software
> community, and if necessary can take your wishes all the way to Carly
> (the chairman). There are three people on the org chart between her and
> I - a General Manager, a VP, and a President, and all but Carly are easy
> to get on the phone - she requires an appointment. All of this means
> that they are really serious about free software and Liunux.
>         Thanks
>         Bruce

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