Re: Project Hosting [Was Re: Minutes of the GNOME ...]

On Sun, 3 Dec 2000, Alan Cox wrote:

> > Although I have some thoughts about the merits of this proposal, I'd 
> > like to make a meta-point instead: isn't this more properly a 
> > gnome-hackers discussion, rather than a foundation-list one?
> I think a fundamental issue is being overlooked here. If we have no remotely
> centralised CVS how are translators going to function. How is things like
> mass document conversion for nautilus going to be organised.
> It sounds like for the sake of a few peoples political objection to basic ACLS
> folk are prepared to screw the entire setup

Also, I assume that if we install ACL support on gnome cvs, individual
maintainers can set up their modules for open commit from anyone.

You may even keep a module open commit most of the time, but limit commits
close to an important release (can the ACL support handle different ACLs
for different branches?  If so, that would be really useful for this sort
of thing).  Just because ACL support is available, doesn't mean you have
to make use of it.


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