Re: Minutes of the GNOME Foundation Board meeting 28 November 2000

> I'd make a strong reccommendation of SCSI drives, specifically Seagate
> Cheetah drives. They're insanely fast, but more importantly, they have a
> 10-year warranty - for a reason. I've never seen one of these drives fail,
> even if they're in setups that run with heavy disk activity 24h/day for years
> on end. (They're also what Sun ship in their HW RAID boxes).

We use those on some fileservers.  The drive failure rate is pretty
low.  I've lost a couple which made me happy I was running RAID.  Before
that we were using Baracuda drives from seagate  if memory serves, those
weren't as good.

All servers we have are scsi.  Most serious disk farms are scsi.  However,
they also cost more while IDE drives are nearly as fast and cheaper as
Alan has mentioned previously.


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