Re: when companies join over free software projects

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> I don't mind removing this as an example and reposting.  The worse
> example, which I have remembered more clearly now, was when a new
> Helix Code employee made a release of control-center without talking
> to the maintainer about it.

i hate to admit it, but that employee was me :( i still feel bad about it.

> Miguel partially defended the new Helix Code employee's actions on
> gnome-hackers and many people were unhappy because they thought Miguel
> spoke as GNOME project leader and not for Helix Code.

miguel was in a bad position, i didn't mean to put him there, but from what
i remember (i could be wrong), he handled the situation well. i made a
genuine mistake, there was no malice intended/present, and the whole thing
was resolved quickly

> I think a better response in that situation would have been for Miguel
> to put on his GNOME project leader hat, and say "you should not make
> releases without coordinating with the maintainer".  As an example on

my memory of the situation is very, very hazy, but i know i talked with
jonathan about working on gnomecc, though i don't think i mentioned the
release. but that's almost beside the point, which is that it was really a
personal mistake on my part. i really have learned my lesson.

there may or may not be other times when helix or eazel or another company
has interfered, i don't know. this was one, but i don't think it's as bad or
as it sounds. it was an accident, and like i said, i've learned my lesson.

hope i didn't sound too defensive,

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