Re: Membership dues [ was: Re: Advisory Board Letter ]

On Thu, 03 Aug 2000 00:56:41 Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> Rusty Conover <> writes:
> I hope this does not come off the wrong way, but if your company is
> not planning to contribute to GNOME or help promote it, maybe it
> shouldn't be on the advisory board.


Well on this point I agree.  I had some further discussion with Bart about the
actual focus of the advisory board as he views it.  What probably my employer
would want to join would be a group that focused on the needs of ISVs who use
GNOME. There hasn't been much discussion about developing a program for ISVs and
maybe this should be an avenue that should be pursued since with more ISVs
developing for GNOME there will be presumably be more used and more demand for GNOME as
a whole.  I don't know if there currently is an central location or avenue for
ISVs to express their needs of GNOME, or hold discussions right now but I might
just be underinformed.

Also brought up in the conversation with Bart was the possible development of
actual program to train GNOME developers besides the normal reply of RTFS or read
a book.  I'm not expressing an interest in having a "GNOME Developer
Certification" program, but maybe the foundation could organize staff who will hold
seminars (of course for a fee) on developing for GNOME rather then making people
attend informal conferences. This area may be another place where the foundation can
provide some direction.  I'm interested in everyone's opinions.


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