Re: [fdn-ann] Targets for pre-briefs

"Barbara Heffner" <> writes:

> Bart asked:
> OK. Can someone make a specific proposal on the pre-briefs?
> Bart
> Here is a starter list for pre-briefs the day before.  Miguel - please note 
> that you will need to block your afternoon on Monday August 14 to make this 
> happen.  We will set these up as a series of teleconferences. If anyone has 
> others you'd like to add to the list, please do.  We'll also plug in the 
> reporters we will target.
> San Jose Merc
> SF Chron
> Dow Jones wire
> Reuters
> Bloomberg
> AP

Who will be doing the pre-briefings? The same set of people who will
be speaking at the press conference? Some subset?

 - Maciej

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