Board of Directors Elections 2019 - Candidacy - Carlos Soriano

Name: Carlos Soriano
Email: csoriano gnome org
Corporate affiliation: Red Hat

Hello all,

I would like to announce my candidacy for the GNOME Foundation board of directors for the third term.

I've been contributing to GNOME since 2014 as GSoC student for two years in GNOME Shell. Then joined Red Hat as upstream and downstream maintainer of Nautilus, until recently that I moved to a planning & release manager position in the kernel graphics team.

In the last board term I focused on supporting the foundation grow in a healthy way, and with the transition from a more executive to a more strategic board. As part of that, I have been working on the newly created compensation committee, doing the research on legal, tax forms and general charity guidance in order to make a proper process for setting the ED compensation.

Another initiative I've been working on since last year is the creation of a better definition of GNOME software and its components, and together with that the creation of an inclusive process for GNOME related apps and libraries to empower a wider community of contributors.

Lastly, I kept being one of the points of contact with GitLab, Matrix and KDE. I represented GNOME at the panel discussion at DrupalCon with GitLab and Drupal, keeping in touch with their representatives for future collaborations. Also, I discussed with KDE directors several initiatives such as GitLab and Matrix.

If reelected, I will continue focusing on the growth of the foundation. In particular, I would like to keep working on the other half of work left for the compensation committee, the compensation policy. This work will ensure we have a process for appraisals and evaluation of the execution of foundation plans.

Together with the previous point, I'll like to work further in the foundation goals, KPIs, etc. so we evaluate how well the foundation is doing in its growth, with the experience I gained from the last year.

While my focus will be the foundation growth, if reelected I would like to keep working on improving our infrastructure, specially around communication tooling. In this regard, I would like to help with new partnerships with companies and support the coordination of the initiatives.

Carlos Soriano

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