Intention to Bid for GUADEC 2020 at Zacatecas

Hello Gnome Foundation and GUADEC leaders. 

At Zacatecas we are working strong around Open Source Porjects, development, research and training in Open Source Technologies; after 7 years We have consolidated an Open Source Community with the integration of 60 universities around our Country and  big background from Zacatecas State Goverment.

Our cluster includes academy, IT corporations, government and our Open Source Community around the Open Source Lab; we wants to dispossal our resources for organize and host GUADEC 2020.

We are very interested to bid and make a complete proposal for host GUADEC 2020 at Zacatecas, México.

Thanks in advanced.

Manuel Haro Márquez - Innovación Abierta y Colaborativa
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