Andrea Veri - GNOME's new part-time sysadmin hire!

In the spirit of the below email from last week, I'm extremely pleased to
announce that the Foundation is hiring Andrea to work as our new sysadmin
contractor. We've been without someone in this position since Christer
stepped down last year, and Andrea has really been sensational as a
volunteer and done a great deal of the work in the meantime.

I'm confident that Andrea will continue to do a great job for GNOME! And
we've got a lot of work to do.

Thanks to the rest of the sysadmin team, the GNOME board and those of you
who emailed me suggesting that we do this very thing.


On Wed, January 16, 2013 3:58 am, Dodji Seketeli wrote:
> Andrea Veri <av gnome org> a écrit:
>> I've finally managed to migrate all the services to a new machine. You
>> should be able to apply/renew your membership and request changes to
>> your
>> accounts again.
> \o/.  This was fast!
>> Thanks for your patience
> No.  Thank *you* for the awesome work and extreme dedication.

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