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Name: Germán Póo-Caamaño
Mail: gpoo gnome org
Nick: gpoo
Blog: (for Spanish speakers)
Affiliation: None 


        I am a contributor since 2000 and I am running for re-election
        for the Foundation Board because I am confident there is plenty
        of room where I can help to Gnome and its community, as in the
        last year, bringing a different perspective and an independent

My involvement in Gnome

        I have been involved in Gnome since the beginning of the current
        century, and I have been working with Unix since 1991 and Linux
        since 1995.

        I have attended GUADEC since 2002. I also have attended to other
        Gnome events, such as GUADEC-ES (Hispanic Guadec), Forum do
        Gnome (Brazil), Gnome Day (Chile), Involucrate (Peru).

        When I was young I was coordinator of Spanish translation team
        and  I wrote gnome-nettool.  Since then, I helped here and
        Since last July, I have served to the board as treasure.

Promotion of Gnome and Free Software

        I have spent a lot of my spare time promoting Gnome and FLOSS in
        conferences, I have given more than 60 talks on Gnome and
        related topics.

        I have been involved in local communities since its beginnings,
        such as Gnome Hispano and Gnome Chile. I founded and organized
        the biggest Linux (as the kernel) conference in Chile, but also
        I organized other events related with Free Software and Gnome.

        I have helped and encouraged several developers to get involved
        in Gnome.


        I think I have had a more than acceptable role as director in my
        first term where I have served as treasure.  I have worked in
        improving the way the financial information is presented in
        order to take better decisions based in promptly and good
        quality information.  There is plenty of room to improve in this
        area and I plan to continue working on this as treasure or
        mentoring the future treasure.
        I have pushed and encouraged contributors with good ideas to
        make them happen, such as the Webkit hackfest.  Also, I have
        worked as facilitator for people getting involved in upstream
        (for instance, pushing a quick and depth contact between Gnome
        Foundation and companies in Andalucía working in accesibility).
        On the other hand, we have new challenges we must approach in
        order to succeed as platform for developing application, in
        particular in the mobile world where we need to be more
        proactive.  I think the board can have an active role on this


Germán Póo-Caamaño
Concepción - Chile

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