Candidacy: Brian Cameron

Name:        Brian Cameron
Email:       brian cameron oracle com
Nick:        yippi
Affiliation: Oracle (formerly Sun Microsystems, Inc.)

I think it is important for more people to consider running for the
GNOME Foundation board.  It is a great way to contribute to the GNOME
community.  The GNOME Foundation does a lot of work helping to organize
and promote GNOME-related events, so I would especially recommend
people to run who have this sort of experience.


I am running for re-election for a third term on the board.  I am
running not just because I love GNOME, the GNOME community, and free
software; but also because I have experience working on the board and a
good track record of getting things done.


 * I have been a part of the GNOME community since January, 2001 (almost
   10 years!)
 * I have over 18 years of experience as a UNIX programmer and
   technical documentation writer.
 * I am affiliated with Oracle (formerly Sun Microsystems) where I work
   as a senior engineer on the OpenSolaris Desktop team.
 * I have served on the GNOME Foundation board since December, 2008 and
   acted as secretary in the last term.
 * I have been the maintainer/co-maintainer of GDM since 2005.
 * I have regularly attended GUADEC and Boston Summit conferences since
 * I live in Chicago in the United States.


I am highly motivated and have time to invest to make the Board
successful.  I have passion for working with the GNOME community, and
I have a good working relationship with many people in the GNOME and
free software communities.

I am especially proud of the following accomplishments over the past
term on the board:

 * In the past term on the board I have acted as secretary.  I believe
   the quality and regularity of meeting minutes have improved a great
   deal, and this work has made the GNOME Foundation considerably more
   transparent to GNOME Foundation members.  I have also invested a lot
   of time better organizing the GNOME Foundation Wiki (both public and
   private) so that the board can be more effective.  I plan to again
   serve as an officer on the board in the next term.
 * I act as Stormy's manager and have bi-weekly meetings with her to
   discuss progress and future direction.  I am also responsible for
   managing Stormy's bi-annual bonus review.
 * I organized the GNOME Usability hackfest in London this past
   February and I continue to do work to help organize the GNOME.Asia
   Summit.  I also participated at the 1st GNOME Marketing hackfest
   and the GNOME Documentation Hackfest.
 * I tend to get involved with legal issues.  For example, I am
   currently working with the GNOME Foundation's legal advisors to help
   improve the agreements GNOME uses to allow usage of the GNOME brand.
 * I have been active on the gnome-marketing, a11y, and usability
   mailing lists to help keep things moving in a positive direction.
   For example, I am currently working to arrange a "Free Agent"
   t-shirt on the marketing list at the moment.

Looking to the future:

With GNOME 3.0 around the corner, the next term promises to be very
busy and exciting.  I anticipate that the GNOME Foundation will need
to play an active role in helping to make sure that GNOME 3 is
successful by marketing, getting the word out, and organizing events
to get the right people together to make things happen.

I also personally have a particular focus on promoting GNOME
accessibility and plan to work and help ensure that the GNOME free
desktop is made available to all people, regardless of income,
location, gender, or level of ability.

Also, GNOME rocks.

Thank you for considering me,

Brian Cameron

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