Announcing GNOME Board of Directors Foundation Elections Spring 2010

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Dear Foundation Members,

As part of the Membership and Elections Committee, I am pleased to
announce the upcoming elections for the Board of Directors in Spring 2010.

The most important deadlines (UTC) in the timeline are the following:

                          *GNOME Board Elections 2010*
                    2010-05-23:  List of candidates closed
                    2010-05-30:  Voting Begins
                    2010-06-13:  Voting Ends
                    2010-06-22:  Challenges End


The seven members of our current Board of Directors are ruling GNOME for
12 month now. We, the GNOME Foundation Members, will have to either
replace or reelect current members.


If you want to run for one of the seven places in the Board of
Directors, send an email to foundation-announce gnome org and
elections gnome org with your full name, e-mail, corporate affiliation
(if any), and a description of your reasons for wanting to serve as a

Candidacies must be announced prior to 2010-05-23, 23:59 UTC.

All discussion related to the elections should be held on
foundation-list. Members are invited to ask questions to one or all
candidates on that list (see below).

A list of candidates will be announced on 2010-05-26.
You are invited to ask questions by sending them to foundation-list. But
please try to avoid duplicates and bear in mind, that the candidates
invest a lot of time answering questions, thus please be reasonable with
the amount and scope of the questions.
You might want to send your question to membership-committee gnome org
instead, so that we can collect, sift and sort the questions before we
send them out. But again: if you feel the need to ask your question
directly, please do so.


Every GNOME foundation member whose membership is valid in the range of
the full voting period, including challenges (2010-05-30 - 2010-06-22)
is eligible to vote.
If you are not a member yet, please consider to apply until 2010-05-14.
Later applications will most likely not be processed in time.
We will inform the people that might need to renew via email. You might
want to double check yourself though.
Please verify that the email address, that is associated with your GNOME
Foundation membership, is valid and that your able to read emails sent
to this address.

You can check whether you are a member or what email address is recorded
on this website: <>.
If you have any issues, please write to membership-committee gnome org 


The Electorate will receive complete instructions on how to vote by
2010-05-30 via email.
The 7 candidates voted for most as counted by a single transferable vote
system (Scottish STV) will be elected, except that no more than two
individuals affiliated with any one corporation may be elected.

In the event of a tie for the final slot on the board, the Elections
Committee will schedule run-off elections as soon as possible.


          May 2010
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
                      1   2
 (3)  4   5   6   7   8   9   List of candidates open (3rd)
 10  11  12  13 (14) 15  16   Applications/Renewals closed (14th)
 17  18  19  20  21  22 (23)  List of candidates closed (23rd)
 24  25 (26) 27  28  29 (30)  List of candidates announced (26th)
 31                           Instructions to vote are sent (30th)

         June 2010
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
      1   2   3   4   5   6
  7   8   9  10  11  12 (13)  Votes must be returned (13th)
 14 (15) 16  17  18  19  20   Preliminary results are announced (15th)
 21 (22) 23  24  25  26  27   Challenges to the results closed (22nd)
 28  29  30


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them at
membership-committee gnome org or elections gnome org 

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