Meeting Minutes Published - March 04, 2010

The meeting minutes for the March 4th board meeting is now public.
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Other past board meetings are archived here:

-- text of the latest minutes follows --

Minutes for Meeting of March 4th, 2010

Next Meeting

    * March 18th, 2010


    * Behdad Esfahbod
    * Brian Cameron
    * Diego Escalante Urrelo
    * Jorge Castro
    * Rosanna Yuen
    * Stormy Peters
    * Vincent Untz


    * Germán Póo-Caamaño
    * Srinivasa Ragavan

Recurring Items

    * Review past action items.
    * Did each person with action items send their status reports to
      the board list before the meeting?
    * Approve and make sure that minutes of last meeting were published
      to foundation-announce and foundation-list.
    * Make sure to start up the gobby server for better note taking.
    * System administrator hiring - waiting for funding.
    * Update website.

New Items

    * Behdad Esfahbod announced that he is stepping down from the board.
          o The board decided that Paul Cutler would be the best
          o ACTION - Behdad will contact Paul to see if he is willing
            to be a replacement.
          o Paul Cutler agreed to join the board soon after the
    * Is the board agreeable to delegate foundation-list moderation to
          o The board agrees.
    * Decide the topics for the next Advisory Board meeting.
          o Usability - Máirín Duffy
          o GUADEC - Koen Martens
          o GNOME3 - Vincent Untz
          o Copyright policy
          o ACTION - Stormy will send out the advisory board meeting
            agenda to the advisory board list.
    * Should we give OSUOSL a $60 donation as suggested on the mailing
          o The board agreed.
          o ACTION - Rosanna will pay $60 to OSUOSL.
          o ACTION - Diego will organize a press release for giving $60
            to OSUOSL.
    * Nokia contracting status.
          o Nokia is giving the GNOME Foundation funding to help
            activities related to "GTK+ community support" in
            Maemo/MeeGo. That budget was approved in order to bring
            GNOME apps to Maemo (5 & 6) and can now be used for Maemo 5
            & MeeGo.
    * Status about the need to acquire hardware for GNOME servers
      hosted at Red Hat.
          o Perhaps we could include this in the sysadmin campaign.
    * Stormy's Goals
          o ACTION - Everyone - Finish making comments about Stormy's
            goals by March 17th.
          o ACTION - Brian will send out goals document to the
            foundation list on March 18th.
    * GNOME Philosophy
          o Franklin Street
          o Free Software vs Open Source
          o Code of Conduct/Speaker Guidelines
          o Copyright Assignment Policy
          o Licensing model
          o ACTION - Vincent will create a Philosophy page on the GNOME
    * Finances
          o GnuCash - status
                + ACTION - Behdad will send an email to the
                  foundation-list and the gnucash list seeking someone
                  to take over the GnuCash automation.
          o Friends of GNOME - sysadmin announcement
          o Update about the 2009d Annual Report.
                + Paul Cutler is working on this.
                + Rosanna was supposed to provide an update on who
                  received the 2008 report.  She is still working on
          o ACTION - Vincent will touch base with Paul about the
            sysadmin announcement and the financial report.
    * Events
          o GUADEC
                + General Update
                      # Signing companies up for sponsorship for GUADEC
                        is going well.
                + Dave Neary's plans for training
                      # Legal is putting together the final contracts.
          o "Co-locating in 2011" - update
                + Have draft for call-for-bids and the press release.
                  Need to finish the press release.
          o FOSS Nigeria in Kano, Nigeria (April 23-25)
                + Planning to send Luis de Bethencourt
          o Idlelo, a large (500 people) open source event in Accra,
            Ghana (May 17-21).
                + Fernando Herrera will be doing the training.
          o Agustín Benito Bethencourt proposed GNOME event in
            Zaragoza. What do we need to do to facilitate?
                + Will be a marketing hackfest.
                + Need to choose the dates.
          o PyGTK+ Hackfest - update
                + ACTION - Stormy and Jorge will seek sponsors for the
                  PyGTK+ and Marketing hackfests.

Completed Actions

    * Behdad - Will follow-up with the BODHost offer on the syadmin
    * Behdad - Will contact Paul to see if he is willing to be a
      replacement. Done shortly after the meeting. Paul accepted.
    * Stormy - Will send out the advisory board meeting agenda to the
      advisory board list. This new action was done shortly after the
    * Vincent - To discuss co-location organizing with the KDE board.
    * Vincent - Will notify the Libre Graphics Meeting organizers about
      how we will handle fees. The board will handle GSoC and not
      charge a fee for money received via PayPal, but will charge the
      normal fee for any money received not via PayPal.
    * Vincent - Will get in contact with local LinuxTag community to
      organize a track in German. Done, Johannes Schmid will do it.

Status of action items

    * Behdad - Tasked with scrubbing the GnuCash file so it can be made
      public. Behdad sent a scrubbed GnuCash file to Rosanna to check,
      but still pending.
    * Behdad - Automate the process of entering PayPal information into
      GnuCash. Rosanna sent Behdad a sample of incoming PayPal
      information looks like and has shown how it should be
      incorporated into the GnuCash file. Behdad is now looking into
    * Brian - Get information about what should be in an "Employee
      Handbook". Draft under review.
    * Brian - Develop trademark usage forms for common use cases. James
      Vasile from legal is working with Brian on this.
    * Diego - Taken over from Stormy. Will work with Gil Forcada from and gnome-marketing to define the best way for
      organizations like to participate in the GNOME
      community. Not many replies from the community. Diego will draft
      something more concrete for gnome-marketing and ask for comments.
    * Diego - Will lead the board member review process: pick a date,
      send reminders and coordinate with Stormy the missing members
    * Diego - Will help Stormy to organize the Zaragoza event.
    * Germán - Put together a proposal for how to address board members
      who become inactive. Still pending.
    * Jorge - Will ping J5 to coordinate what is necessary to improve
      PyGTK+ maintainership.
    * Jorge - Taken over from Lucas - Work to ensure that Foundation
      members sign the GNOME Code of Conduct, and make it a requirement
      that new Foundation members need to sign this. Lucas completed a
      draft currently under review, tarted discussion on foundation
      list, got a lot comments and feedback, and summarized the
      discussion points. The board seems to be still interested in
      proposing Code of Conduct as an official guideline for Foundation
      members as a way have a more clear message about the values of
      the GNOME community. Lucas will send an updated official proposal
      to members this week.
    * Rosanna - Research the GNOME Guidestar website and update if
      necessary. Rosanna sent an update about the status of Guidestar,
      but work is still needed. Need to find someone to keep the
      website up-to-date.
    * Rosanna - Will check who received the 2008 Annual Report and send
      an email to board-list letting everybody know who received them.
    * Rosanna - Will send a new updated version of the GnuCash file
    * Srini - Ping John Palmieri for status about importing Paypal data
      into GnuCash. John Palmieri was pinged, but no response yet.
    * Srini - Send out the GUADEC call-for-hosts, and the next meeting
      will be an IRC meeting to discuss. This is done. Srini has the
      meeting logs, but these are not yet published in the wiki. Yet to
      format and upload and announce the meeting logs. Leaving this as
      an open action item until the logs are available.
    * Stormy - To propose a case study on how the improvements we made
      with bugzilla made a difference as input for the marketing
      materials for why the Foundation needs to hire a system
      administrator. Max sent a write-up. Working with the GNOME
      Journal folks to turn it into a GNOME Journal article. Will go
      out in the next GNOME Journal.
    * Stormy - To schedule a meeting with companies that do consulting
      work with GNOME to start discussions on how we can help (how can
      we work together). Sent email. Got a couple of positive
      responses. Will follow up with others and schedule meeting.
    * Stormy - To follow up with the Advisory Board about acquiring a
      second machine. Email sent, but no response yet.
    * Stormy - Will set up a "Wish List" Wiki page to highlight things
      that the GNOME community needs help with funding with a link from
      Friends of GNOME.
    * Stormy - Taken over by Lucas - Set up a Euro bank account.
    * Vincent - Touch base with Matthew Garrett and with the GNOME
      community to determine how the GNOME Code of Conduct needs to be
      enhanced to reflect speakers. Ongoing. First draft is available,
      need to push this. Vincent sent a ping to put this on the wiki
      for public review. Draft published at
      and will announce it to the membership for review next week. Need
      to announce on foundation-list the wiki page.
    * Vincent - Update the blog and planet to highlight that people are
      expected to sign and follow the GNOME Code of Conduct. Waiting
      for Jorge's action on Code of Conduct.
    * Vincent - Follow-up with Intel to determine what to do about
      copyright assignment for clutter. Waiting for an official update
      from Intel. Ongoing
    * Vincent - Check records of organizations with existing contracts
      to use the GNOME trademark. Ongoing.
    * Vincent - Follow up with Michael Meeks and Bradley Kuhn to see if
      there is an interest in defining a policy the release team can
      follow to know whether a project with a copyright assignment
      requirement can be accepted or not. What sorts of copyright
      assignments are acceptable? Draft is under review. Waiting for
      feedback from a few people who said they will send feedback; will
      get comments at the next advisory board meeting also.
    * Vincent - Start the bidding process and press release for
      co-location in 2011. Drafts under review.
    * Vincent - Will find people to attend the Free Software and Open
      Source Foundation for Africa in Ghana and Idlelo events. Ongoing.
      Found one volunteer (Fernando Herrera)

New Action Items

    * Behdad - Will send an email to the foundation-list and the
      gnucash list seeking someone to take over the GnuCash automation.
    * Brian - Send out goals document to the foundation list on March
    * Diego - Will organize a press release for giving $60 to OSUOSL.
    * Rosanna - Will pay $60 to OSUOSL..
    * Stormy and Jorge - Will seek sponsors for the PyGTK+ and
      Marketing hackfests.
    * Vincent - Create a Philosophy page on the GNOME Wiki.
    * Vincent - Will touch base with Paul about the sysadmin
      announcement and the financial report.
    * Everyone - Finish making comments about Stormy's goals by March

Discussed on the mailing list

    * Behdad Esfahbod announced that he is stepping down from the board.
    * Planning for doing a Call for Bids and a press release for the
      co-located Desktop Summit in 2011.
    * Planning for the Advisory Board meeting on Tuesday, February 9th.
    * Planning for a Friends of GNOME announcement.
    * Making arrangements for paying costs related to the a11y hackfest.
    * (OSUOSL) Oregon State University Open Source Lab provides GNOME
      with some services (network monitoring, and is
      having a campaign to raise funds and asked for a small donation.
      The board is considering giving $60.
    * Dave Neary provided more details about how to manage the costs
      and revenue for the GNOME training sessions that he proposes be
      held at GUADEC 2011. The terms continue to be under discussion.
    * Jorge Castro discussing plans to organize a PyGTK+ hackfest.
    * Planning for Idlelo, a large (500 people) open source event in
    * Planning for the Foundation IRC meeting on Saturday, February
    * Rafael Villar Burke (Pachi) requested for the GNOME Foundation to
      provide a certificate to highlight his membership and general
      contributions to the GNOME project. Stormy provided this to
    * Marty Levick, a photo editor with Rosen Publishing, asked for
      permissions to use an image from the GIMP website in a book.
      Marty was told that such a use is well justified as fair-use.
    * Jorge Castro proposed running a survey to find more information
      about why developers choose (or not choose) to develop on GNOME,
      and how users are deploying GNOME.
    * security gnome org now forwards mails to the GNOME board.
    * Concern about GNOME community members in Chile after the recent
      earthquake on February 27th and discussion about making a
    * Discussion about the need to moderate foundation-list.

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