GUADEC 2010 Call for Hosts postponed until after Gran Canaria

Dear Foundation Members,

In the past, by this time, the Board would have already sent around the GUADEC call for hosts. In largely closed door meetings it would have been decided where next year's GUADEC would be held, announcing it at the current year's conference.  Since this has been a year of significant change (this is the first year GUADEC is being co-located with Akademy) we would like to get more input into the process and find out what our members want to see come next summer, as well as how to best pick the winning location.

We have decided to postpone the call for proposals until after this year's GUADEC has concluded.  We fully expect to discuss the topic during GUADEC at the foundation AGM, as well as on the foundation list[1] to find out what you, the members, would like to see happen next year.  Please feel free to talk about your likes and dislikes about this year's conference and if you don't get a chance to attend, what would make you more likely to attend next year.

As for those who wish to make a proposal, a formal call for hosts is not a prerequisite for starting the process.  If you can, we encourage you to meet with us and other attendees at this year's conference and get a head start by starting the drafting process sooner than later.  You may also contact us with questions you may have[2]. 

On behalf of the board,
John (J5) Palmieri

[1] foundation-list gnome org (
[2] board gnome org

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