GNOME Board statement on GNOME 3.0 plan

Hi, all-
The Board would like to thank the GNOME Release Team for their recent
work laying out a plan to move towards GNOME 3.0. While we realize
that there is still a lot of work to be done by the community and
release team in terms of fleshing out/clarifying the plan, and then
actually implementing it, we're excited to see the Release Team taking
on a leadership role and pushing this important work forward.

The board and Foundation will actively support the plan. In particular
will we work with the Foundation's partners to ensure that they can
help provide more ideas, more leadership, and more resources to the

More than anything else, we expect that this will produce great
software- and so we really look forward to using GNOME 3.0.

Thanks, on behalf of the board-

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