Changes to the GNOME board

The GNOME Foundation Board regretfully announces that Jeff Waugh will
be stepping down from the board in order to focus on work and other
projects. The board thanks Jeff for his years of service to the board
and the community, and wishes him success in his future work both
inside and outside of GNOME. Jeff leaves big shoes to fill.

Diego Escalante Urrelo will be joining the board as a new member for
the remainder of this term. Diego was a candidate for the board in the
last election, and his energy, new blood, and Latin American
perspective will be a great addition to the board.

In addition to bringing on a new member, the board continues to expand
our capabilities by focusing on delegation, with new committees
working on mobile and GUADEC-related issues. Our thanks, again, goes
to those who have volunteered their time to help out with these and
other efforts, including Dave Neary, Paul Cooper, Alberto Ruiz, and
Chema Casanova.

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