Re: Call for invitations to be the host of GUADEC 2008

On Thu, 2007-03-22 at 10:37 +0100, Dave Neary wrote:
> Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay wrote:
> > Anne �tergaard wrote:
> >>> Call for invitations to be the host of GUADEC 2008
> >>>
> >>> GUADEC is the yearly GNOME Users and Developers European Conference.
> > 
> > Does that automatically exclude those outside EU from sending proposals ?
> It's been widely agreed last year & this year to avoid GUADEC as an
> acronym - this has come up several times, and both Villanova and
> Birmingham have adopted the convention of calling GUADEC "The GNOME
> Conference".
> Does that mean that candidates outside the EU would be considered? Not
> sure - we would need to discuss it.
> But one thing is for sure - the travel costs for attendees is something
> which will definitely be taken into account, and in general that will
> exclude anything outside North America and Europe.
One thing more is politics of Countries. That's important because you
need Visa to visit those countries. I know that it's not much problem
for most of the people living in EU, but for example someone from Middle
East can easily be alienated due to Visa problems of USA for example. 


> Cheers,
> Dave.

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