Re: Candidacy: Sara Khalatbari

Hello Sara,

thank you very much for running the elections. I am glad people like you
are going into it for several reasons.

Not only each reasons you mentioned are worth for the foundation and
Gnome in general, but you are representative of what I think we are
missing :
- people coming from an other place than North America or Europe (which
is a majority in the foundation, but a minority within the whole world).
It helps the foundation to understand more about communication and be
more efficient.
- you are new, we have new problems that elders can hardly understand
since they know everybody down there.
- you get things done, what you explain is only a little of what you can
get done. As you say, focusing on small steps but having it done, *is* a
value in every community.
- you value translation and documention in general which is exactly what
we need.

Good work ( because it is no luck ;) )!

Sara Khalatbari wrote:
> Name: Sara Khalatbari
> Email: sara AT khalatbari DOT info
> Affiliation: none (student)
> Summary:
> I want to run for the Board election.   I have very strong
> communications skills and am not swamped by hacking.  On the board, I
> want to help on every single issue that makes progress as smoothly as possible
> in a timely manner.
> Why:
> I got motivated reading Federico's Board Member Application Mini-HOWTO.
> I believe the following facts collectively make me a productive board
> member if elected:
>  - I'm not a hacker.  While I'm learning, I don't see myself addicted
> to writing code anytime soon.
>  - I have actual real free time.  I'm a Computer Science student and
> have lots of time to spend on things I like to.  I /don't/ receive
> hundreds of messages from various mailing lists everyday.
>  - I am /very/ good with paperwork, communications, keeping task on
> progress, and getting things done.  As an example, I managed to contact
> every single GUADEC speaker and collect their bio and photo. (no that's
> not as easy as you think it is.)
>  - I'm passionate about GNOME.
> Background:
> I was introduced to GNOME by way of Persian translation (Yay
> gnome-i18n!).  I then attended GUADEC in Stuttgart and Vilanova where I
> helped with the Printed Program.  More recently, I have joined
> gnome-love and learning to write perfect code.  I also love reporting
> bugs.
> Sara
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