Candidacy: Vincent Untz

Name: Vincent Untz
Email: vuntz gnome org
Affiliation: Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG)

75 words summary
I've contributed in various ways to GNOME, and since the beginning I've
been interested in helping the Foundation. This year I want to help the
Foundation be more effective and more open to the membership. This means
better reactiveness to queries, more informations on what's happening
and trying to get more people involved in the Foundation. Don't vote for
me if you want to be a passive member of the Foundation :-)


I'm a GNOME contributor since 2002. I've started working on bug triage,
and soon joined the membership & elections committee, which I chaired
from late 2002 until last year. The bug triage I did in bugzilla led me
to submit patches, and I became maintainer of a few modules. I'm also
deeply involved in the GNOME-FR community, and a member of the release
team, where I send "tarballs due" mails and sometimes launch scripts to
release GNOME.


I've said yesterday that I probably wouldn't run and here I am,
announcing that I'm running for the board. Sounds ironic. One part of me
doesn't want to run because the job can be frustrating and because I do
not feel I've done a really good job this year (I hope it was not that
bad ;-)). And one part of me wants to run because the job is fun and
interesting. I'm not more qualified than other to run, but I hope I can
help the board to be more effective by focusing on small things (see
next section). What really decided me to run is that there are not
enough candidates yet. If a lot of candidates appear in the last hour
before the deadline, I might withdraw my candidacy (it will of course
depends of who's running).


Here's what I want to do if I'm elected. It's no big things, but
important stuff: make sure that people who mail the board have an answer
in less than 2 days, send as much informations as possible to the
membership about what's happening (I do not feel the minutes we send are
enough), push to delegate stuff. I've no magical recipe for all this,
and I might fail. But I'll try hard.


My biggest concern is time. I've been more busy than expected this year,
and I've worked less than I would have liked on the modules I maintain
and for GNOME-FR. I honestly don't know how much free time I will have
next year, and the fact that my work situation will also most probably
change doesn't help here. I hope I will be able to seriously consider
resigning if my time gets too limited for the board.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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