Minutes 2004 Jul 21

Minutes from Board Meeting: 2004 Jul 21

    Glynn	: chair
    Jody	: Minutes



    ACTION : Schedule Financial reporting meeting with Jonathan, Tim and Jody
    	for Mid/Late August in Boston.

    ACTION : Dave to summarize trademark and Logo policy

    ACTION: Malcolm to email David Schleef regarding gstreamer.net
	ownership and recommend he posts his requirements to
	gnome-sysadming list.
    : Jonathan to ping Malcom for status

    ACTION: Tim to ensure that relevant GUADEC information gets
	posted to his weblog feed.
    : Done

    ACTION : Jeff to write up Foundation Grant Scheme

    ACTION : Glynn to write up status of anonymous voting
	- what it means
	- why the board agrees that it should be a good idea.

    ACTION : Owen to collect GUADEC Feedback forms

    ACTION : Responding to M Kreikemeier re: license query
    : Jody to request a readable version of document

    ACTION : Tim to check into availability of space for summit at

    ACTION : Ping Advisory board for response thoughts on
	language discussion

Old business:
    ACTION: Dave to turn the roadmap into a document suitable for
    putting on the web.
    : Done

New business:

    o GNOME Summit
	- tentative date of Oct 11 in Boston
	    : Leslie to do a press release
	    : Luis to confirm availablity of space.
	      Significant possibility that it is not available.
	      Tim will look into MIT

    o Board activity level
	- Moderate Consensus on decreasing the size of the board
	- Possibility of weekly short irc meetings not popular
	- How to communicate some of the results from board list
	- A lot was accomplished in face to face at guadec

    o Discuss Stormy's document
	Get the slides tidied and up onto the website
    o Leslie's request for a columnist
	- Liked Glynn's ideas and will post to This should be
	  foundation-list gnome org 

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