Minutes from Board meeting on May 19

Minutes from Board Meeting: 19 May 2004

        Glynn (chair)
        Malcolm (minutes)



Action items:
        ACTION: Dave to turn the roadmap into a document suitable for
        putting on the web.

        ACTION: Malcolm to email David Schleef regarding gstreamer.net
        ownership and recommend he posts his requirements to
        gnome-sysadming list.

        ACTION: Tim to ensure that relevant GUADEC information gets
        posted to his weblog feed.

Old business:
        (a) Call for GUADEC 2005 sites:
                - Interest has been expressed from three sites so far.
                  So that we can begin making an initial evaluation
                  during GUADEC 2004, we will request the proposals are
                  due in by Friday June 15.

        (b) Discussion of commercial agreements:
                - Apropos of the recent agreement with Hackerthreads for
                  manufacturing GNOME shirts, there was a discussion
                  about how much of each agreement it was appropriate to
                  make public. The general feeling of the discussion
                  that as much transparency as possible was important,
                  although at times it was necessary to preserve some
                  commercial confientiality.

                - For the particular agreement under discussion, a
                  summary of the income would be in the annual financial
                  report. Details of the agreement will be made
                  available to Foundation members upon request.

        (c) Acting as fiscal agent for the GIMP.
                - The board is agreeable to do this on a trial basis at
                  least through to GUADEC. We will invite a
                  representative from the GIMP to talk to the board
                  about ongoing arrangements and any concerns that
                  both parties may have.

        (d) Credit card merchant
                - Tim reports that we are currently waiting for our
                  merchant account to be processed.

        (e) Roadmap
                - Dave has incorporated the recent round of feedback
                  from the mailing list discussions.

                - It was felt that the document was now in a state where
                  we should make it available and update it to ensure
                  relevance to the ongoing GNOME releases.

New business:
        (a) gstreamer.net administrative DNS contact
                - The board received a request for somebody within GNOME
                  to be the administrative contact for gstreamer.net. It
                  was felt that it would not be inappropriate for a
                  gnome.org email address to be used for this purpose.
                  The details should be discussed on the gnome-sysadmin

        (b) Communicating about GUADEC
                - With GUADEC only a few weeks away, Glynn wanted to
                  ensure that it was being promoted widely and
                  enthusiastically enough.

                - Tim reported that more details were being finalised
                  all the time and that he would put the news up in his
                  blog feed(s) so that they get wide distribution (on
                  Planet GNOME, etc).

        (c) GUADEC funding
                - The precise amount of funding available is still not
                  known because of pending corporate sponsorships. 
                  Tim is trying to finalise this.

        (d) gnome.de ownership
                - As a corollary to the discussion about gstreamer.net,
                  the gnome.de domain ownership was brought up again. It
                  was decided that there was nothing we could do about
                  this directly, except to raise it again once
                  GNOME-Deutschland is up and running.

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