Candidacy Announcement

Name: 	Glynn Foster
Email:	glynn foster sun com
Aff:	Sun Microsystems

GNOME is going to be the next big thing - it's just a matter of time in
my mind. I've been on this incredible rollercoaster for the past 2
years, while working for Sun. In the last year, the project has been
making some absolutely amazing progress and certainly the continued
energy and enthusiasm from contributors right around the globe has
motivated me almost every day. We've come too far to stop now....we're
just getting to the exciting bit where we loop-the-loop. It's way better
than a love boat, right??

It's been really wonderful to see how the various groups [Usability,
Accessibility, Release, Documentation and Translation] within GNOME have
evolved since I've been working on the project. Without their tireless
work, GNOME wouldn't be where it is today.

Which is why I believe that the Board is still an important body within
GNOME. I believe we need a group to help nuture communication wherever
it breaks down, help provide resources whenever something extra is
needed and to spread the word about how great this project is. Most
importantly, having a group of people who are passionate about GNOME,
who desperately want to see the project grow and mature and, in time,

This year, I want to see an active Board. A Board full of motivated
people bringing an endless list of ideas and goals for the project.

I want to bring a stronger sense of communication to the Board and would
especially like to see the Board actively working closer with the
various groups involved in GNOME. I think I have enough energy and
motivation to make this happen.

I've been involved with Sun's release of GNOME recently, but still
managed to find enough time to attend weekly release team meetings,
gnome-utils maintanance, entirely random bug fixing, crazy assed
documentation struggling to help organize next years GUADEC [2] and lots
of other stuff.

I started #gnome-cabal. I'm pretty proud of that one.

I drink beer. Guinness mainly.

I am also, apparently, a man page viewer.

I suck at maintaining photojournals.

I climb. A lot.

				See ya,
					Glynn :)

[1] way better than Lolo Balls, Barbie, Tama-thingameybobs and Hacky 
[2] it's getting there, I promise

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