Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting December 17 2002

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting December 17 2002


    Nat Friedman (chair)
    Jody Goldberg
    Daniel Veillard (minutes)
    James Henstridge
    Havoc Pennington
    Tim Ney
    Bill Haneman
    Jonathan Blandford
    Glynn Foster
    Jim Gettys
    Jeff Waugh
    Luis Villa
    Federico Mena (10:)
    Telsa Gwynne (15:)

  The attendance was augmented with the members of the (expected) newly elected
board for 2003.

    George Lebl
    Miguel de Icaza

Actions Done:

  ACTION: Tim to send breakdown of conference expenses to the list
      => Done

  ACTION: Daniel to remind GNOME hackers to submit proposals
       for papers for OLS.
      => Done


  ACTION: Jim to continue the font discussions with various parties.
        => Jim haven't heard back.

  ACTION: Jody volunteered to work on producing a first draft of
          ABI rules for GNOME-2 releases; to get involvement from
          someone at Sun; and to make sure the draft get some review.
        => Jody has done some of this: enough to mean he will keep
          on with it rather than passing it on to someone else: but
          it's a slow process.

  ACTION: Tim looking at structuring tutorials, need to send a
          call for speakers
        => Pending will be part of the new site.

  ACTION: Tim to email foundation-announce about GUADEC fund-raising
        => Only a draft ATM, pending

  ACTION: Nat to sort out links to Friends of GNOME on website
        => Pending

  ACTION: Telsa to talk to Andrew Hutton about possibility of a future
       GUADEC-like thing associated with OLS (a la the kernel
       summit). Miguel to talk to organisers of NordU* similarly.
        => Pending

New Actions:

  ACTION: Glynn to get the GUADEC website on-line.

  ACTION: Jody to assist Guadec planning for tutorials and report progress
          to the board.

  ACTION: Nat getting in touch with Andrew Hutton about the Gnome Summit.

  ACTION: Jeff will get beta.gnome.org on-line by Chrismas


  Presentation of the way the board functions, and a brief overview over the
  last year.

  - approve last meeting minutes:
    Pending... waiting telsa's public minutes.

  - GUADEC: 
    14-18th of June at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
    Users day's will be Wed 18 for better exposition and getting the
    business users. We expect corporate and governement testimonials
    We should have around 100 beds in dorm rooms.
    It is really urgent to get at least a minimal web site on-line with
    dates and location informations available.
    We will get tutorials

  - OLS:
    Gnome Summit at the OLS, ready to get the organization.
    In principle the board is in agreement.

  - Website:
    The beta code should go on-line ASAP
    Content is HTML commited in CVS
    The content is then processed with XSLT to generate the final web pages.
    It integrate documentation from CVS into the Web site.
  Many thanks for the members of the 2002 Board who will not be present next
year, thanks George, Federico, Telsa and Havoc, we all hope this was a pleasant
journey and that you will continue travelling on the GNOME project lines.

  Since we don't expect to have a Board meeting on the 31st of December,
next new board meeting is scheduler for the 7th of January.


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