(Belated) minutes for Gnome foundation board meeting 2002-12-03 (whoops)

Just as well I'm going, really: you might get more timely minutes
next year. This is for two weeks ago now... 

          Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 2002-12-03

Present:				Apologies:

   Jonathan Blandford                   Jim Gettys
   Nat Friedman
   Jody Goldberg 
   Telsa Gwynne (minutes)
   James Henstridge
   George Lebl
   Miguel de Icaza
   Federico Mena
   Tim Ney
   Havoc Pennington
   Daniel Veillard 


  ACTION: Jim to continue the font discussions with various parties.
        => Jim had a meeting last month about this. Haven't heard back,
          and he's away today. 

  ACTION: Jody volunteered to work on producing a first draft of
          ABI rules for GNOME-2 releases; to get involvement from
          someone at Sun; and to make sure the draft get some review.
        => Jody has done some of this: enough to mean he will keep
          on with it rather than passing it on to someone else: but
          it's a slow process.

  ACTION: Tim looking at structuring tutorials, need to send a 
          call for speakers
         => Pending until dates sorted out: see below.

  NEW: Tim to email foundation-announce about GUADEC fund-raising

  NEW: Nat to sort out links to Friends of GNOME on website

  NEW: Tim to send breakdown of conference expenses to the board.

  NEW: Telsa to talk to Andrew Hutton about possibility of a future
       GUADEC-like or summit-like thing associated with OLS (a la 
       the kernel summit). Miguel to talk to organisers of NordU* 

  NEW: Daniel to remind GNOME hackers to submit proposals
       for papers for OLS. 

Decisions and discussions:

  * Approve last meeting's minutes

  * Financial report

  Reviewed the Annual Financial Statement prepared by the accountant.
  Miguel asked for more breakdown of the figures for conference funding. 
  Now that we know how much we have and how much we spend in a year, we 
  can come up with more definite plans for fund-raising. We definitely
  need to raise money: GUADEC takes a lot of money because it goes
  to pay for getting hackers there. 


  The only dates for Dublin possible were June 14th-18th 2003.
  The GUADEC committee got a poll onto http://www.gnomedesktop.org/
  about whether these dates were any good, after comments on 
  mailing lists about this falling in various exam seasons. 
  There are very very few alternatives, and we need to make a
  decision very soon before those dates go too. We think it's
  too late to start again now and think we should go ahead with 

  * Passing the baton

  Preliminary results are out for the GNOME Foundation Board election: 
  The final phone call for this year's board members will have the new 
  (anticipated) board members on the call too. 


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