Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting July 30 2002

	  Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting July 30 2002


    Havoc Pennington (chair)
    Telsa Gwynne
    Jim Gettys
    Jonathan Blandford
    Daniel Veillard (minutes)
    Tim Ney 
    Federico Mena
    James Henstridge

    Michael Meeks for the RFP discussion (:35 - :50)

    Miguel de Icaza
    George Lebl

    Nat Friedman
    Jody Goldberg

Actions Done:

  ACTION: Nat to make sure the splash screen logo gets updated in CVS
        => Done

  ACTION: Tim : Email Christen Schaller re: Friends of GNOME
        => Done

  ACTION: Nat : send registration confirms
        => Done

  ACTION: Miguel : Will send his presentations
        => Done apparently


  ACTION: Jim to restart the font discussions with various parties
	=> No progress at this point, getting a schedule for the next
           release may allow to synchronize the font progresses too.

  ACTION: Nat and Jonathan talk to gnome-sysadmin about adding ssh
          tunneling for GNOME CVS access
        => Jonathan will try to get this scheduled with Owen

  ACTION: Havoc, Jody, Nat volunteer for working on producing a first
       draft of ABI rules for GNOME-2 releases, get involvment from
       someone at Sun, and make sure the draft get some review.
	=> not that much progress, seems it really needs to be basic

  ACTION: Tim and Jim looking at structuring tutorials
	=> Have begun discussing this via email. Some of the Sun's people
           discussed this too at the Summit. Ongoing

  ACTION: People interested in speaking should register with Tim for
        => Half done it's in CVS, but need to be published on Gnotice

New Actions:

  ACTION: Havoc to create the CVS module, fill it with a draft of our process
          and make a public request for the first technical issues to test
          that process, Michel will probably help there

  ACTION: Jonathan send a mail on the fondation list about the organization
          chart and the need for a designed laeder in each acting as a contact
          point, and also get discussed the new composition of the Release Team


  - approve last meeting minutes:

  - Trademark: 
    There is an existing trademark associated with computer games, so we should
    remove the specific part of the Trademark request to not cover games.
    There is also a matter of defining more precisedly the GNOME platform
    We may have to check for the status of gnome-games applications.

  - Financial status of the foundation 
    We should have an annual financial statement for the end of our financial
    year year (ending September 30) detailing income and expenses and our
    current balance and physical assets.
    We hope to have income from tutorial and selling items on-site for 2003.
    We need to replace Bart as treasurer as no longer serves on the board,
    we are wondering who could take care of this.

  - RFP process for changes to the platform:
    The base process description is there
    Michael emphasize the need for a process, and starting with this one
    if needed refining it as we see problems.
    Problem about how the process may get updated.
    The full IETF process is too much for what we need at the moment, but the
    elementary principle of publishing drafts and getting them blessed when
    one see rought consensus around the state of a draft, which is more or
    less what the current RFP process as described.
    It seems the current version of the RFP process as described is fine,
    we just need to make sure that the same method can be applied to change
    the process itself.
    This should be created as a CVS module.
    Jim emphasize the need for "immutable" RFP

  - org chart:
    This was discussed at the Summit, we now have a number of commitees
    like the GUADEC, Web team, Sysadmin, Release team, etc...
    Each one shall have a leader who can be used as the communication
    contact for the group, the goal is to be able to build better
    communication between groups


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