Re: Italic Serif fonts?

On Monday 20 December 2004 07:22, Danilo ?egan wrote:
> Does anyone know if Vera Serif Italic fonts are planned at
> all?

An italic font would really be its own typeface, and one wasn't 
included in what Bitstream donated to GNOME.  I had just been 
wondering myself how much it would be to simply buy the rights 
to Prima Serif Italic from Bitstream.  (Prima is, as far as I 
know, a superset of Vera as of its original donation.)  
Unfortunately, not only does that font not exist, but it looks 
to me like Prima Serif itself is derived from (er, "inspired 
by") Hermann Zapf's "Melior" font, which also had no italic 

So basically, we're looking for an italic serif font that sort of 
matches Vera Serif, and someone is going to have to do more 
design work on it than Bitstream appears to have done on any of 
the original Vera typefaces.  My solution thus far has been to 
stick with Garamond when I need to italicize some of my text... 
but that's no solution for the Vera project.


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