Re: semicondensed fork

Rob wrote:

I spent a little time with Vera Sans in pfaedit, and came up with a surprisingly nice semicondensed version that sorta looks like Tahoma and makes an awesome body/screen font. Per the license, I changed the name (to Toga Sans). I also didn't mention Bitstream or GNOME when submitting to Freshmeat, but I didn't see how to explain what I did on my actual site without mentioning Bitstream Vera Sans. If anyone thinks I'm screwing Bitstream and/or GNOME by what I've done, please let me know what I can do to fix it.

Rob Kudla
Looks good; I had hacked a semi-condensed version of the font together as well, but with hinting removed (because PFAedit has a nasty habit of mangling it).

However, the fonts won't load on my WinXP machine, probably because of the strange character encoding and the excessive number of empty characters in the font. (Not *unassigned* characters, but *empty* ones-- there are 65,000 or so glyphs that have been assigned to characters but that contain nothing, from what I can see in PFAedit.) Is there any way you could take care of that? It's tedious to remove all the characters in PFAedit (I tried doing it automatically, and it just froze), and using other programs, I haven't much better luck trying to open the font.

-- cody b., a.k.a. codeman38
cody zone38 net

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