- too short, _ too thin


I find the Vera font family very nice.
The only two thing that bother me are:

the '-' (minus) is too short, this is especially
visible with the Sans Mono version since it is used in
a terminal. I mean it's so short it almost looks like
a dot (or two dots together) and when you look at it
in C code the -> looks strange and the smile :-) also
looks strange.

the '_' (underscore) is too thin in the Sans Mono and
Serif version, but it looks ok in the Sans version, I
guess the _ from Sans should be copied to Mono and

It would also be nice to have a page with a screenshot
how is the font supposed to look like correctly at
different sizes, because I noticed that the characters
look a little bit different on RedHat 9.0 than on
FreeBSD 5.0. On FreeBSD 5.0 looks a bit bigger, when
set to the same size.


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