Re: [Telepathy] Folks status, the addressbook problem

Le mardi 30 octobre 2012 à 16:51 +0000, Philip Withnall a écrit :
Another reason they’re used for storing linking data is that adding the
linking data generally improves the quality of the user’s address book.
For example, linking a Jabber contact to an EDS contact should result in
the JID being added to the EDS contact’s list of JIDs. (I haven’t tested
this recently, but that’s what the code’s meant to do.) This is
unobtrusive and doesn’t mess up other EDS clients.

This also introduces some weird side effects. If I have Alice on GTalk
and Facebook but not in my EDS abook, she won't appear by default in
gnome-contacts. But as soon as I merge those 2 personas she will because
of this implementation detail.

This is not the intended behaviour according to Allan
( ).

Massive warning: the individual aggregator code is horrible, and has
many irritating corner cases — but it works well at the moment (albeit
slowly). If you want to rearchitect folks and make it all wonderful, I
would strongly suggest you write a thorough set of unit tests for the
aggregator first, or we *will* end up with regressions. Folks has a
reputation for being unstable which I really don’t want perpetuated.

Amen to that.


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