Fantasdic 1.0-beta5 released

Fantasdic 1.0-beta5 has been released.

Fantasdic is a multi platform dictionary application.

The most important change brought by this release is the support for
multiple dictionary sources.  Currently supported dictionary sources

*  DICT dictionary server: look up words in dictionary servers like or
* EDICT file: look up words in any dictionary available in this format
like edict or cedict.
 * Google Translate: translate words with Google Translate directly
from Fantasdic.

Homepage & downloads:


- Multiple sources support. Currently:
    -> DICT dictionary server,
    -> EDICT file,
    -> Google Translate.
- Per-dictionary font preferences.
- User manual (English, French).
- HTTP-proxy support.
- Uses default browser on Windows.
- Fixes a bug related to cache.
- Fixes a bug related to threads.
- Uses gettext's function for plural forms. Reported by Djihed Afifi (#489593).
- Saves the "scan clipboard" option in the config file. Adds ctrl + shift +
  S as keyboard shortcut. Reported by Dmitry Rutsky (Debian bug #442336).
- Adds "keep above" option in the "View menu". Feature request by by Dmitry
  Rutsky (Debian bug #442340).

Mathieu Blondel

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