Re: Joining in the fun?

On 04/08/2012 03:37 PM, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
On Sun, 2012-04-08 at 08:27 +0200, Nguyen Matthieu wrote:
However, I think after all F-spot has helped me with my picture library,
it's high time I contribute back whatever I can.
Awesome.  F-Spot deserve's some love.

I built locally and loaded in MonoDevelop the stable-0.8 branch, to see
if I would be able to find my way around things easily, and started to
see if I would manage to analyse even a simple bug.
I picked 624414 (
because I reproduce it myself, so it would be easier to investigate
I think I got part of the answer, though, but would need some help
Analysis: I added more log information to check what was actually sent
back by Facebook, the list of albums is an empty XML document. According
to the FB developer documentation, the app requires the user_photos
permission in order to be able to read Albums: I don't think
the F-Spot Export Plugin App *has* this authorization (I actually
checked that too).
Question: who's the F-Spot Export Plugin App owner on facebook?
Sorry, I have no idea about the FB API.  Is there anywhere you can
look-up the owner and permissions using the Application key?

There is this

Well, what bothers me is that when trying to get to the F-Spot Export Plugin App page on facebook, I get a "page not found". As if the App had been disabled/deleted.

Since the plugin itself hasn't changed for quite a while, I would assume that lack of maintenance make it a rather deprecated thing (using the REST API which is now deprecated in favor of the Graph API, missing permissions which were not necessary before but now are, etc...) and could have caused FB to shut the page off entirely :(.

I'll see what I can fetch from the app info programmatically, see what happens...


Nguyen Matthieu

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