Re: Remove files not in database

On 09/18/2010 03:01 AM, Michael Lissner wrote:
  Dougie, I wrote that script a while back, see:

But it does the opposite of what you are hoping it does -- it finds orphans in
the f-spot database, and then deletes the database entries. It's also not
updated for the latest database model, IIRC. If you wanted to spin the code into
a repo, and add the functionality you're considering, I'd be down to participate
in that, but I have no time for doing any code development at the moment.

I'd see it as two steps though:
  1. Write some simple code to do database identification
  2. Add some code to provide an options menu, and to take care of the cleanup
you're considering.

Thanks for the prompt response Michael. I rather suspected that I'd got the whole thing back to front and decided just to pause and check before proceeding. I'm not sure whether I've got the the time or ability to do any coding but it looks an interesting project so you never know.


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