Re: A feature I'd like to add; would it be accepted?

On 05/28/2010 02:40 AM, William Shubert wrote:
I'm looking at switching to f-spot for my photo albums. F-spot is great
in a lot of ways, but one thing is missing that looks easy to add.

As far as I can tell, instead of grouping photos in albums, with F-Spot
you use tags to group them together. That's fine, it's flexible, I like
that. But what's missing is that when I apply a tag like "2007 trip to
Maine" to a set of photos, I'd also like to write a paragraph or two
about the trip and/or the photos - who was there, what it was like, etc.
I know that I can insert a comment for each photo, but often it's nice
to have a (possibly longer) comment that goes with the whole group.

I know what you mean. I'd like a way of applying a Comment to a group of photos in the same way that tagging works, rather than having to edit each photo individually. A workaround I've found is to create a tag called 'comment' then nest my comment tags under that.


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