Re: Adding a new version of a photo

Reparenting photos/detaching of versions has been merged to master a few days ago.
It will be part of f-spot 0.7.0 or you can build it yourself now.


On Fri, May 28, 2010 at 12:23 AM, Jenner Fusari <jenner neurotix com> wrote:
Hi all,
a lot of time is passed from my last message... at that time my F-Spot
archive counted about 3000 photos, now it handles 13000+.
In the last year I did many photos for third parties, photos which
required a "serious" post-production where I usually end with a copy of
the photo file for print, a copy of the photo file denoised and/or
optimized for the web, a copy of the photo file using the WXYZ
color profile and 16 bit depth. I won't ask to make denoising/color
managing/optimizations inside F-Spot: the tools I use just do that work
very well.
I would ask, instead, if there is a way in F-Spot to add a new version
of a photo using an external file. I have _igp5023.pef, I develop the
RAW in some_raw_developer which produce _igp5023.tiff, editing the
colors for printing into another software producing
_igp5023_for_printing.jpeg... It would be wonderful to keep track of my
files if I can add _igp5023.tiff and _igp5023_for_printing.jpeg as new
versions of _igp5023.pef (which is on the F-Spot archive tagged and
rated) instead of having 3 different entries.

Any idea? Any third parties addon?

Jenner Fusari <jenner neurotix com>
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