shortcuts available in full-screen browsing

Does anyone have any tips on how to select and (physically) delete multiple files? I like to browse the photos in full screen when first viewing then delete all the bad ones. Normally I would look through them all first with gqview, eog or gthumb and delete them there first before importing into f-spot but more recently I've been skipping that step, and importing directly into f-spot. Since the physical Shift-Del delete seems to take time I try and mark them all first then delete them in one go. I tried creating a special tag (MFD=Mark for Deletion) but that hardly speeds things up. What I'm doing at the moment is using the Alt-number shortcut to allocate (for example) 2 starts to all the ones I want to delete. Seems a cludge though. And possibly rather a dangerous one (using star rating to indicate things to delete).

Am I right in thinking the only short-cut tag keys in full screen are for Alt-Num and Favourites?


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