Re: how to copy all versions of the photo

Paul Wellner Bou wrote:

You could write a script to do this. Use sqlite to query the database
for the URI's for those photo's and copy those URI's to the external

I would suggestyou to write an export plugin. The existing export plugin
copying only the selected versions should work fine with only very few
modifications to export all versions.


That should work. An additional checkbox ("copy all versions") and a change to the query should suffice.

That said I have never used the f-spot export plugin... I tend to do this sort of stuff in external scripts as that is more flexible - it can be used with more than just f-spot and is easier to update and maintain... I use f-spot only to maintain the database. This also means I am not really 'married' to f-spot as all it takes to move to another program (eg. Digikam, which I am looking into at the moment) is to adjust the queries. As an example I use f-spot and a bunch of scripts plus jalbum to maintain some websites and to produce and manage a repository of resized images for yet other websites. Doing all this in an extension would be possible but it would not be as flexible nor would it be future-proof...


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