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Hi David!

Am Donnerstag, den 15.04.2010, 10:39 +0200 schrieb David
> I was hoping for video support in f-spot for some time now. As there are
> no "official" statements about it I'd like to ask, if there is probably
> someone working on it right now or if this feature is still only on the
> wishlist?
> I found the following discussion that seems to be 5 years old now:
> If there is nobody working on it I'd probably try to do some work or
> something by myself.

I would love to see video support as well and would like to help you.
unfortunately the earliest time I could help would be begin of June.
Very busy at the moment.

My first idea about this was: Create an "media" object, replace all
photo object occurrences by this new media object. Then make photo and
movie inherit from media and add movie handling in the GUI where

Videos post quite some questions: what is the time of a video? Since a
video is over a time span but photos are handled as if they're taken
instantaneously you have to rethink how to put it in a timely order with
photos taken while the video was recorded.

I'd love to discuss this topic some more!

Just my 2¢

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