Export to Camera

Hello f-spot list,

I have a Sony camera which I can connect to a TV to view my photos. The bundled software PMB allows transferring photos FROM the computer TO the camera to facilitate viewing on the TV but on windows only. This is not implemented in f-spot so I am writing an extension to provide this export functionality.

My problem is that I don't know what is the best way to access the camera. Since different vendors have different naming schemes, my current implementation asks the user to find the root of the device with a GtkFileChooserButton, and then I have (ugly) code to look for a "dcim" subfolder. I take the last subdir (alphabetically) of dcim and the filename of the last photo. The photo should have a 'prefix' such as "dsc" and a number such as "03040" which I look for and then increment the number as I copy across each photo.

This obviously has its limitations (although does what I want...) and I would like to know if there are any people knowledgeable of camera filesystems who could help.

Another question is whether PTP would be better, but I don't know anything about the protocol. Would cameras ACCEPT photos over PTP or are they export only? My hope is that via PTP the camera would sort out naming and file structure automatically in its own vendor-specific manner. Is PTP implemented in F-Spot?

Thanks for your time,


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