photos look bad after v0.6 upgrade


After upgrading to f-spot from, my photos look bad. Or at least different, and I feel that the previous rendering looked better.

I confirmed that it's definitely a f-spot change causing this (as opposed to a change in another system component) by then doing a downgrade-upgrade cycle without changing any other packages. I also worked with clean databases both times. I took some screenshots along the way.

Here's an example: original full-res photo:

Here is a partial screenshot of how f-spot 0.5 rendered this photo at default resolution to fit my screen:

and the same section from the 0.6 rendering:

Look at the edges "Nepalica" text. They are clearly more jagged in 0.6. Also the "Bhaktapur" text looks less clear.

Any ideas as to why this might be?

I was hoping to downgrade to 0.5 (at least temporarily) to get good image quality again, but the 0.6 upgrade seems to have automatically upgraded my database and made it incompatible. Did it create a backup before doing so?


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